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Plaza Nautica, Downtown Cabo San Lucas


Baja International Realty - a full-service Cabo real estate firm - is a leading buyer, seller and developer agent for land, residential, commercial and business properties in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our agency focuses on the areas of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, the East Cape and the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula north to Todos Santos. With specialized divisions for condos, homes and villas, commercial property and land, BIR is well positioned to serve. As a member of AMPI® Los Cabos and an International Realtor®, along with our decades of experience in the Mexican real estate market, we pride ourselves on providing professional real estate services to each and every client.

Our clientele is made up of three distinct groups;
1) Residential real estate buyers or sellers of homes or villas (private residences)
2) Clients interested in buying or selling or developing condo properties
Clients interested in land – including single lots or large developer parcels for hotel/resort, golf course or master planned community projects.

Our agents specialize in specific market segments of the Los Cabos real estate market sharing their knowledge with the rest of our staff members. By doing so, we're constantly aware of the latest trends, sales and sound real estate investment opportunities available.

In order to serve our clients efficiently, we've created specialized websites, each dealing with a specific niche market. By doing so, we're better able to locate quality Los Cabos properties for our buyers – and better equipped to market properties for clients looking to sell.

CABO REAL ESTATE PROS is our new mobile-optimized website with the latest in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate.
CABO-HOMES was developed to focus on the private single-family residence market.
CABO-CONDOS was developed for the condominium buyer or seller.
CABO-LAND serves the needs of land buyers, sellers and developers.

If you already know what you’re looking for, visiting the website that specializes in your market will give you more insight into that market and a faster means of finding the perfect property.

Our specialized websites have led to more buyers seeing our listing client’s homes, condos or land than ever before. Once we make contact with prospective buyers, we complete a thorough review of their needs, wants and financial resources bringing only qualified buyers into the purchase process. The end result is that both the real estate buyer and seller receive targeted real estate services expressly designed to meet their needs.

Baja International Realty isn’t a new player in the Los Cabos real estate scene. In fact, our roots in Baja real estate go back to the late 1980’s – when founder and broker, Don Weis, first discovered the endless opportunities for investing in Baja real estate. His work began with the formation of Pan America Ltd conducting real estate seminars under the name of Mexico Gold for purposes of educating foreigners on investing in real estate in Mexico. Those seminars were featured on CNN, 20/20 and numerous radio and television shows in the States. Don also established Baja International, which represented developers in the Baja Norte region. Land’s End Realty was then formed which led to Baja International Realty.

Land’s End Realty of Los Cabos and Baja International Realty have since brokered several multi-million dollar land purchases including acquisitions for Cabo San Cristobal Resorts – one of the largest planned resort projects in the world with 8 hotels, golf courses, polo fields, a Formula One racetrack and the first world-class yacht club in Cabo. Additionally, the agency negotiated a complicated acquisition for Riu Hotels – 75 acres on the Medano beach in Cabo, where two of their flagship resorts now reside. It’s that type of success and knowledge that make Baja International Realty a leader in Los Cabos real estate and your best choice for professional representation in Baja, Mexico.

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2-6 bd luxury view condos in the most sought after residential neighborhood in Cabo San Lucas.
An outstanding parcel on the new road to Grand Solmar Resort. Perfect for high-end homes on large lots!
Greatest views of Land's End, Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez! Terrific value in Rancho Paraiso.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Real Estate in Baja, Mexico
If you're reading this, you obviously have interest in either buying or selling property in Mexico – or more specifically, southern Baja California and the Los Cabos region. You also have questions about the process. Most of our clients are from the United States, and as such, are familiar with the ins and outs of real estate transactions at home. However, while similar to U.S. practices, real estate deals here in Mexico are different than in most other countries. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about real estate in Los Cabos.

Can Foreigners Own Real Estate in Baja, Mexico?
Absolutely.... as a matter of fact, more than a million Americans own property here with more than half of those living in Mexico full-time. How you hold title to that property depends on its location – within the interior of Mexico, or, within what is referred to as the "restricted" zone. The restricted zone refers to property within 50 kilometers of the coastline, roughly 31 miles. Here in Los Cabos, all property fits that bill, but that doesn't mean you can't own – it's how you own that's different.

Foreigners purchasing property here in Baja, Mexico do so through a trust known as a "fideicomiso" or beneficial trust agreement that is created for the benefit of a foreign buyer, executed between a Mexican bank and the seller of the property. The bank, as trustee, buys the property for the foreigner. The bank then has a fiduciary obligation to follow instructions given by the foreigner, who is the trust beneficiary. The trust beneficiary retains and enjoys all the rights of ownership while the bank holds title to the property. The foreigner is entitled to use, enjoy, and even sell the property that is held in trust at its market value to any eligible buyer.

Is There Financing Available?
Yes, in fact with as much foreign investment as there is in Los Cabos many finance options exist for American and Canadian citizens. Many U.S. mortgage firms offer real estate financing with rates currently averaging 6 - 8% on 25 to 30 year loans with 25 - 30% down payments.

What about Title Insurance?
Several U.S. companies began offering title insurance for trust deed (fideicomiso) ownership in Mexico starting in 1998. In fact, it's not uncommon for properties to already have title insurance commitments arranged before they even go on the market. Stewart Title, First American Title Insurance Company and FNF (Fidelity National Financial) all offer title services in Los Cabos.

What About Escrow?
Escrow isn't the same in Mexico; instead, a Notary Public handles that task in traditional real estate transactions. However, we recommend using an escrow account. Any of the three U.S. based title insurance companies mentioned above (Stewart, First American, Fidelity) can assist in setting up the escrow and closing.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Real Estate in Cabo?
Well, that's a question we get often, and the answer is much different now then it has been for the last couple of years. We all know that 2008 was a harsh year for investments of any kind and 2009-2010 weren't much better. Assets of all kinds took a beating, but guess what? Mexican real estate, especially here at the tip of the Baja, didn't take as drastic a loss as did real estate in the States with moderate reductions in value of 15-20% being the norm. But what we did see was a new attitude amongst developers. Build better products. Give greater value. It's working. 2011 saw a gradual turn in market conditions and it carried right into 2012. In some instances, developers are ramping up to start construction on new or continued projects and some are priced very nicely, like Cabo Viejo Condos, in order to get the momentum going for Phase 2 and 3. What we have right now in 2017 is a buyer's market and if you select the right property, appreciation is a given and the return on your investment could prove outstanding. Buying now means buying at the bottom of the market, and if you want to learn a bit more about how to take advantage of what we think is one of the best real estate deals in Cabo, send us an email about Condo Pre-Sales with no monthly payments.

What's the Current Trend in Cabo Real Estate? What's Selling?
Since late 2010 and into the fourth quarter of 2017, most activity in the Los Cabos real estate market has been on properties in the $300,000 to $800,000 price range. Those properties closest to town – whether in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo – are getting the most showings and sales and represent what most buyers are looking for. Properties that include certain features - large, open floor plans, garages and storage rooms, views and guard gated security - are getting the lion's share of attention. That covers a pretty wide range of residential properties but a couple that stand out are the condos at Las Cascadas de Pedregal, the view villas at El Cielito in Rancho Paraiso, and Cabo Viejo condos with a new listing agreement we finalized with the developers that brings luxury and amazing views at a remarkable price and value.